Here is my old Joyner.
A Giant Vibrator with 4 Tires.
Below are Pictures of the things that broke.
I didn´t put any pictures up of the dozens of light bulbs I changed.
All the broke stuff were caused by the vibration.
I gave this thing back just in time. The company where I bought it went broke shortly after.

Broken Seal on the Flexible Mesh. (Exhaust)
Broken Cargo Rack.
Broken Cargo Rack.
Heat shield Bracket. After we got it welded
it broke on the other 2 Brackets.
The Paint just flew away.
The Paint just flew away.
The Bolt is supposed to hold the Motor.
It´s a good thing It didn´t fall out.
The Ground wire was fastened with electrical tape.
I would have probably never seen that if the
Reflector didn´t fall off.
The reflector broke on 2 spots. I got a new one
from the dealer but it broke a short time after
on the same spots.



Here is the expansion hose for the reverse transmission. It didn´t just let air through,
it sprayed oil all over the back of the ATV.

I got my ATV back from the dealer, I was
hoping that they would fix everthing that was
covered under the guarantee. They only fixed
2 problems. The funniest thing was the knot
that they put in the expansion hose.
It didn´t spray oil anymore but I opened it back up
because it isn´t too good for the transmission.
Cracked light guard. I put a little tape on it just
in case I loose it somewhere. About a week later
it was so loose that I took it off.
Lightgaurd detail.
Lightguard detail.

I was writing in a Forum over here in Germany. (German, sorry)
1 Person asked me if the handlebar on the back
was for reverse driving. Look at the pictures of the back of the ATV. I thought that was pretty funny.
I think if he didn´t ask me that I wouldn´t have
noticed that.

One day I heard something ratteling again.
It also sounded funny when I hit the horn.
This was one of the last things that fell off or broke.

The rubber on the tie rod ends were cracked.
Makes it hard to believe that the ATV was new.
Tie rod ends - detail
The airbox kept coming apart here.
I tried to tighten it a couple of times but it
just didn´t want to stay in place.
One day I was driving around and noticed how the
blinker was bouncing around on the fender.
The funny thing was that it still worked.
Spur gear on the reverse transmission.
All together there were 3 Screws loose.
The dealer told me that a loose screw can be
tightened. :-) It was kind of hard to do that when
the top of the screws are shaved off.
I put different screws in and they held.

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